Stripey Goodness

This is a commission that I’ve started on, which I realize now I’m a smidge more than halfway through.


I had a hard time coming up with this color pattern, and at first I was not entirely happy with it. But man, I love it now.



This weft made me love this warp even more. I love it so much, I want to wind another identical warp. Because the stripes are pretty bold, I kept the woven pattern simple to balance things out.



I’m still fascinated and surprised that you can put yarns on this contraption and get cloth out of it.



This was the second towel – purple warp.



Beginning of the third towel: green warp. Still in love with this project, and I still want to weave more of it.



It’s always interesting to see what a weft color does to the warp. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to predict the results, which is delightful.


Closeup of the transition between the purple weft and the green weft. Looks like I didn’t beat quite as hard as I should have in the hem, but once washed, it’ll be fiiiiine.


I can’t wait to see how these will turn out after they’ve been washed!


If anyone is interested in buying towels like these or have any questions, please let me know in a comment. These are $45 each, and should last many years. I can also weave runners to a specified length, and soon I’ll have napkins available.

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