Work in Progress

So much in progress right now…

Updated 6 March 2018:

  • Fix June’s sweater
  • current commission of dishtowels
  • R&D for napkins for three people – twill vs plainweave
  • prepare all the wool (3-4 bags full for later spinning and weaving purposes)
    • washing fleeces: 420, 421, 807, 409, Frolic
    • combing clean wool: 420, 421, 807, 409, Frolic
    • spinning wool: 420, 421, 807, 409, Frolic
  • repair three pairs of linen pants
  • make three pairs of pants for J
  • make myself a pair of pants
  • make myself a button-down shirt
  • finish the purple hat – knitted
  • R&D for making dizzes out of shells – currently have a pile of clam shells to play with – made diz from mussel shell, works okay, but need more R&D
  • tempering chocolate for Star Trek and Star Wars chocolates, hopefully ganache-filled
  • baking cookies – got Dorie’s Cookies from the library for the World Peace Cookie recipe
  • piece together Tumbling Blocks quilt – it’s been way too long since I cut the pieces out
  • thinking about a business name so I can buy the domain name so I can have an online shop – ideas welcome!
  • weave baby blanket
  • weave larger run of Springtime towels – STARTED