Projects to Be

In the spirit of Crafturgency, here’s the list of projects I think about doing pretty much all the time.

1. Bind another book or fifteen
2. Weave way more dishtowels – IN PROGRESS
3. Weave cloth for many pillowcases – DONE, IN PROGRESS
4. Make rice heating pad(s), possibly with handwoven cloth
5. Learn to hammer copper to make: really cool earring bits, a bowl or three, a ladle
6. Carve wooden spoons
7. Build a pole lathe to turn wood
8. turn a bowl
9. turn another bowl
10. Take another pottery class (it’s been too many years)
11. Make a whole cloth quilt out of some of the linen I have in my stash
12. Make paper out of leftover linen scraps and leftover cotton weaving waste
13. build deckle and mold for this purpose
14. build a press to squeeze the water out of the paper (plywood and concrete blocks?)
15. source some wool felt for the pressing part
16. bind freshly made paper into a book, use handwoven cloth to cover it, use book as weaving journal
17. Knit a cardigan or three
18. Knit more pullovers! (green, grey, dark red, brown, set in sleeves and yoke)
20. Embroider squares to sew together into a quilt – possibly the alphabet (Ooo, maybe a  foreign alphabet. Like German or Icelandic!)
21. Make beeswax coated linen to replace plastic wrap (though I don’t use it very often…)
22. Weave cloth for a coat and a skirt or two
23. Learn to weave willow baskets – WOVE CANE BASKET
24. Build my own house (I’ve been thinking about it for a few years and have Ideas)
25. Learn to make soap, probably after learning how to make lye water with hardwood ashes
26. Sew another wool coat (grey)
27. Sew a couple of shirts – I have the pattern adjusted, I just need to make the shirts!
28. Knit a couple of sweater vests. Because sweater vests are cool!
29. Sew up a couple of pairs of trousers (so I have some that actually fit)
30. Carve buttons from shells
31. Blacksmithing
32. Learn timberframing
33. Learn how to make a stained glass window
34. Weave wool cloth to make a coat from
35. Learn to sweat pipes – DONE
36. Learn to weld
37. Make cheese (Gouda to start with) – MADE COTTAGE CHEESE SO FAR

Pretty much, I want to learn to make everything.
So many more things to add – stay tuned!
Also, suggestions are welcome!!

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