New yarn!

That new yarn arrived yesterday! I’m really tickled. I looked everywhere for the right shade of blue to go with that beautiful golden orange I waxed about the other day because I have Ideas about copying an overshot colorway I found online made by someone else. The pattern is from Weaving Designs By Bertha Gray Hayes: Miniature Overshot Patterns, but you’ll see once I’ve managed to get another warp on the loom for overshot. Which will be soon. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.




In the meantime, as soon as I got home last night, I immediately wound up a quill with some gorgeous blue and started towel #5. Aaaand then I somehow finished it this morning before work. One more towel to go on this warp.

I’m thinking maybe black for the next towel. Actually, I might try black and white clasped weft, something I’ve been wanting to try for some time. It may not really work as a dishtowel in the end, but it would be an interesting experiment.

BUT. I have to switch gears and make some pants for my dear friend Jenny (hi, Jenny!) who even sent me the fabric (quite a while ago, I’m embarrassed to realize) and I said I’d make them, and then totally forgot because I got distracted with weaving. Which is not like me at all, but I need to rectify this and just make them. They don’t take long, so I’ll be able to get them in the mail on Monday morning.

Then I starting measuring a new warp!

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