A Quickie Post

I’m slowly getting back into the making groove, and having a couple of deadlines coming up certainly helps. This past weekend, I finished the overshot project on the loom!

I am so surprised at how well this came out and how much I love it. For some reason, for this particular pattern, translating the little picture in the pattern draft book (The Handweaver’s Pattern Dictionary by Anne Dixon) to a larger format just didn’t work in my head. Needless to say, I will be trying other drafts out! I really think the patterns I wove would lend themselves very well to an all-wool scarf. Or several all-wool scarves.

The cloth in the picture is fresh off the loom, but not yet washed. It’s since been washed and dried a couple of times, so the next step is ironing and then hemming – they’re towels (of course), and I think a couple will become gifts.

The next project for the loom is a bamboo sample – it will likely be a scarf. And then I have to get going with some wool for a blanket. The deadline is sometime in September, and I never have enough time to spend at the loom! I am going to be taking a week off from work, so hopefully that will give the project a good start. (And maybe a good finish? I can hope!)

4 thoughts on “A Quickie Post

    • Kate says:

      Hello! Thanks so much for the compliment! You are right: I have never said anything about the yarn. D’oh! I used Valley Yarns mercerized cotton. 10/2 for the ground (green), and 6/2 for the yellow – only the yellow is unmercerized. The purple is 5/2 mercerized cotton. Strangely, I did not see a difference in shrinkage at all, and mercerized yarn is supposed to shrink less. In my experience, Valley Yarns mercerized isn’t any different from the unmercerized after a few washes. However, since I live extremely close to WEBS (maker of Valley Yarns), it’s mighty, mighty convenient to use it.

      In the past, I have used UKI 10/2 cotton for the ground and 10/2 x2 cotton for the pattern, and that yarn is very mercerized. That project was an experiment. The resulting one towel stayed in my kitchen, and was not terribly absorbent or soft. I think it’s been washed and dried about a dozen times, and I’m still not happy with the texture and absorbency.

      Well, there you go – probably more information than you wanted concerning the cotton yarn I use. 🙂
      One day when I feel wealthy, I’ll get some Borgs cotton or cotolin and weave with that!


      • mosaicthinking says:

        Thanks for the detailed answer which gives very welcome information. It’s extra good to know as I am about to start an overshot sampler with those very same yarns. Lucky you, living close to WEBS.

        I have used cottolin for warp and tow linen for weft on some M’s and O’s towels. They came up beautifully but I gave them away so can’t comment on how absorbent they are.


      • Kate says:

        Ooh, I hope you post pictures! I’d love to see the sampler. 🙂

        I bet cotolin warp/linen tow weft ended up pretty absorbent. I wove some cotolin towels for myself, which ended up being my favorites. And linen is supposed to be very absorbent. Hmm…I many have to weave a run with those fibers….


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